tab-emitter is a client-side javascript module that allows you to send events between browser tabs/windows. The sending/recieving web pages must have the same origin.

tab-emitter is written to work with browserify, and is extremely easy to implement in your code. Give it a shot, or if you're not convinced, play with this demo!

Open this site in multiple tabs/windows. Try placing the windows beside each other.

Then, type a color:

var emitter = require('tab-emitter')()
var input = document.querySelector('input')

function setColor(color) {
    if (input.value !== color) input.value = color
    if (color) = color
emitter.on('color', setColor)

input.addEventListener('keydown', function () {
    setTimeout(function () {
        emitter.emit('color', input.value)
    }, 0)
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